What Do Dreams about Talking to Someone Mean?

friends talking and having fun
In almost every dream, we are talking to some person. It can be conversations with relatives, friends, or strangers. Sometimes we even dispute with them. 

In this article, we will discuss what talking to someone in a dream portends. We base our analysis on numerous sources, such as dream encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Talking in a Dream

In general, to dream of talking to someone can symbolize:
  • the sickness of relatives
  • worries in your affairs
  • rivalry
  • insurmountable obstacles
  • finding a way to improve your life
  • you envy someone
  • people envy you

Talking too much in a dream means being exposed to some evil plans.

Talking to your Parents 

two women talking in a room
Having a conversation with your mother and father in a dream means that you will obtain what you asked for.

To talk to your mother symbolizes good news.

Talking to Brothers/Sisters 

If you are talking to your brother or sister in a dream, it means you should share your anxieties with others and receive their support.

Talking to your Son or Daughter 

Talking to your son symbolizes losses in business.

Having a conversation with your daughter can be a symbol of sadness.

Talking to Grandparents 

Having a conversation with your grandparents in a dream can signify inheritance.

a woman and a man talking and having fun

Talking to Relatives 

Talking to your relatives in a dream can mean:
  • deep disappointment in family affairs
  • trouble

Talking to Friends 

Talking to a friend can symbolize:
  • joy and consolation
  • escape from a dangerous situation

Talking to an Enemy

Having a conversation with an enemy in a dream can denote:
  • embarrassment
  • arguments in your family

Talking to a Business Partner 

a man and a woman having a conversation in an office
A conversation with your business partner in a dream can indicate that an enemy desires your defeat.

Talking to your Boss

A conversation with your boss in a dream can symbolize:
  • becoming a victim 
  • suffering humiliation

Talking to a Stranger 

  • Talking to a man in a dream signifies a new romance.
  • Having a conversation with a woman presages successful business dealings.
  • Talking to a girl predicts happiness and tranquility.


two girls talking in a restaurant

If you talk quietly or whisper in a dream, it can signify gossip about you.

Talking Loudly or Shouting

Talking loudly or even shouting in a dream indicates a significant obstacle.

Hearing Someone Talking  

  • To hear other people talking loudly in your dream can indicate you may be interfering in the affairs of others.
  • Seeing a husband and wife talking very loud symbolizes family difficulties.
  • Hearing relatives talking in your dream denotes a change in life. 
  • To hear whispering in a dream suggests that many people gossip about you.

To Dispute in a Dream

a couple disputing in a room
If you dispute in a dream, it presages humiliation and embarrassment.

Giving a Talk 

If you are giving a talk (delivering a speech) in your dream, it can mean you are too talkative. 

Vulgar Talk 

Talking vulgarly to someone in a dream predicts success or the friendship of a famous person.

Talking in a Church 

colorful symbol of speech and talking
Having a conversation in a church signifies you have many envious friends.

Talking to a priest can herald that you will have a position of importance.

Talking to a Dead Person 

Talking to a dead person in a dream presages you will live a long life.

Talking to God 

Talking to God in a dream can signify happiness.

Talking to an Animal 

two beautiful parrots talking
In general, talking to an animal can predict:
  • financial losses or expenses
  • hardship and misfortune
Talking to a dog denotes good news and enjoyable work.

Talking to a parrot in a dream signifies that you expect too many favors from others.

Talking on the Phone 

Talking on the telephone can mean pleasure and happiness.

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