Seeing a Toilet in a Dream: What Does it Mean?

a toilet with pink walls
We must admit that seeing a toilet in a dream is not very pleasant. Usually, such dreams are repugnant. But is it all that bad when it comes to their interpretation?

In this article, we will talk about dreaming of a toilet (lavatory). Our analysis is based on numerous dream dictionaries and encyclopedias.

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Seeing a Toilet in Dream: What Does it Foretell

In general, seeing a toilet in a dream can symbolize:
  • the desire to get rid of harmful thoughts and emotions
  • the need for change 
  • the need for your own space
  • releasing difficult emotions

Clogged or Overflowing Toilet  

a toilet with a plant
A clogged or overflowing toilet in a dream can denote:
  • holding in emotions
  • the fear of losing emotional control
  • struggling to break free from unproductive habits
  • a failure to channel creative energy

Flushing the toilet 

Flushing the toilet in a dream can symbolize malicious gossip.

Cleaning a Toilet 

Cleaning a dirty toilet can mean that we are renouncing our moralistic mindset.

Searching for a toilet

two toilet doors
Having a full bladder in a dream can symbolize that you have problems with expressing your emotions.

Searching unsuccessfully for a toilet (lavatory) may signify that you fear expressing yourself in public, but at the same time you need it. 

If you finally find a toilet, it indicates jealousy of another’s position or creativity. 

Going to the toilet in public

Going to the toilet in public indicates that you are too concerned about the opinion of others. 

If you cannot achieve privacy in the toilet, this can symbolize the fear of public exposure or the need for self-expression.

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