What Do Dreams about Money Mean?

money in a piggy bank
Dreams about money are quite common. Such dreams can be very diverse, vivid, and exciting. 

In this article, we will talk about the interpretation of dreams about money. We base our research on numerous dream encyclopedias.

Dreams about Money: What do They Mean?

In general, seeing money in a dream symbolizes:
  • good luck
  • opportunities in life
  • wealth
  • power
Of course, dreaming of money may simply represent worries about our finances in waking life.

Finding Money

a happy woman with money
To dream of finding money can have both good and bad interpretations, such as:
  • much happiness 
  • changes
  • a change for the better in your work or in your relationship
  • a sudden realization of one’s talents
  • gaining power
  • bad luck, usually of a physical nature (a minor injury), according to Leila Bright 
If you dream of finding money and then giving it away, you will avoid bad luck.

Losing Money

To lose money in a dream signifies:
  • unhappy hours in your family 
  • affairs that will appear gloomy

Credit cards 

Using a credit card in a dream is a positive sign. 

coins and a purse

A Lack of Money 

Dreaming of not having money can mean:
  • excessive ambition.
  • lack of qualifications
  • lack of confidence
  • obstacles  
Being bankrupt symbolizes:
  • frustration in waking life
  • the loss of talents 
  • the loss of friends
Seeing an empty pocket or purse in a dream indicates long-term financial problems.

Giving Money 

Giving money to someone in a dream can mean:
  • seeking love and attention
  • a period of financial stability and prosperity

Borrowing money 

Borrowing money in a dream can mean that you need to be careful with your financial plans.

Paying out Money

To pay out money in a dream can symbolize misfortune.

Receiving Money

purse and money
If someone gives you some money in a dream, it indicates a major event such as the birth of a baby or considerable success in your career.

Counting Money

To dream of counting money can mean that you will be able to pay your debts.

To count out money to another person symbolizes a loss of some kind.

To count your money and find a deficit indicates some difficulties with making payments.

Saving Money

To save money in a dream is a sign of wealth and comfort.

Saving money in the form of coins means that there are financial difficulties.

Stealing Money

To dream that you steal money indicates that you are in danger and should be careful. Stolen money symbolizes guilt, the feeling of being cheated or not appreciated.

Paper Money / Banknotes / Cash 

colorful money
Paper money in dreams can symbolize:
  • opportunities to share your wealth
  • struggling to survive 
Being surrounded by piles of banknotes in a dream symbolizes financial worries and sexual or emotional deficiencies.

Seeing a money roll in a dream indicates:
  • personal wealth (monetary, mental, or emotional)
  • generosity depending on the surrounding dreamscape details


If you see coins running through your hands in your dream, it can indicate that:
  • you are excessive in something 
  • you are wasting time on something 
  • you need to be more careful 

Winning the lottery 

Winning a lot of money in the lottery in a dream means that you need to work harder if you want to achieve your goals.

Counterfeit Money

Dreaming of counterfeit money always symbolizes evil, whether you receive it or pass it. 

Such dreams can indicate trouble with some nasty person

Newly Issued Money 

Newly issued money symbolizes wealth.

Old Money 

a man holding money
Old money signifies inherent talents meant to be freely used to benefit others.

Rare Money 

Seeing rare money in a dream signifies the wealth one needs to utilize for the benefit of others.

Signing a cheque 

Signing a cheque in a dream denotes difficulties. According to Theresa Francis-Cheung, it can also be a good sign. 

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