Dreaming about Excrement: What Does it Mean? | Defecation, Feces

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According to statistics, most people had a dream about defecation (pooping) at least once in their lives. Yes, unfortunately, these nasty, disgusting dreams are very common. But what do they mean?

In this article, we will talk about dreaming of excrement, detection, evacuation of the bowel, feces, etc. We base our analysis on numerous dream encyclopedias.

Dreaming about Excrement

Seeing excrement in a dream is a symbol of good fortune. In particular, it can symbolize:
  • a return to health (if you are sick)
  • a lot of money
  • receiving a gift
  • new beginnings
  • the need to get rid of negative emotions
  • disposing of something unpleasant
  • letting go of something
  • mistakenly despising something  

Defecation (Pooping)

a hand holding toilet paper
Defecation (evacuation of the bowel) in a dream can represent:
  • the need to be free from responsibility
  • the desire to be liberated

Defecation in public 

If you defecate in public in a dream, this can symbolize:
  • showing off in waking life
  • making a mistake
  • doing something you shouldn't have done 

Stepping in excrement

If you step in excrement, that symbolizes big luck.

Touching Excrement 

If you are touching excrement in a dream (oh no!), that can signify:
  • anxiety about money
  • a fear of responsibility

Dirty Nappy

colorful excrement
Seeing a baby’s dirty nappy in a dream can predict:
  • soon pregnancy
  • great advantages

Animal Excrement

Dreaming of animal excrement can indicate success, particularly in financial matters.

Stepping in animal excrement denotes big luck.

Bird Droppings 

Dreaming of bird droppings falling on your clothes denotes a happy year.

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