What Do Dreams About Ghosts Mean?

a white ghost on a pink background
Dreams about ghosts can hardly be called pleasant. Usually, such dreams are full of anxiety and discomfort. But what do they prophesy?

In this article, we will talk about the interpretation of dreams about ghosts. For our analysis, we use several dream books and encyclopedias (see the list below).

What Does It Mean to See a Ghost in a Dream? 

In general, seeing ghosts in a dream can symbolize: 
  • recurring episodes of guilt
  • memories of past traumas
  • the feeling of isolation 
  • repressed thoughts
  • being an arrogant, egocentric
  • unpleasant consequences of your arrogance and selfishness  

As you can see, dreaming about ghosts is not a good sign. However, if you don’t run away from the ghost and it then goes away, it symbolizes good luck in business in love.

a white ghost on a purple background
The Ghost of Your Parent

Seeing the ghost of your parent signifies danger from strangers.

The Ghost of a Dead Friend

Seeing the ghost of a dead friend in a dream indicates that:
  • you have unresolved issues with that person
  • the opinion of that person still affects you

The Ghost of a Living Friend 

Seeing the ghost of a living friend symbolizes the danger of some friend’s meanness. Be more careful with your affairs.

A Ghost Walking Around 

To see a ghost walking around in a dream indicates failures and financial worries.

A Talking Ghost

A talking ghost in a dream denotes dangerous illusions.

ghost wearing white 

two ghosts on a red background
If the ghost is wearing white, it signifies good health.

Ghost Wearing Black 

If the ghost is dressed in black, this symbolizes the unpredictable behavior of your partner and, as a result, the conflict between you.

A Ghost in the Sky 

Seeing a ghost appear in the sky means the loss of relatives and bad luck.

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