What Do Dreams about Snakes Mean?

a yellow snake on a yellow background
Snakes in dreams may
symbolize many things
There is no doubt that seeing a snake in a dream is not very pleasant. This creature frightens and disgusts many people. 

Snakes, when they appear in dreams, may symbolize many things. In this article, we will talk about the interpretation of dreams about snakes from different dream books and dictionaries.

Seeing a Snake in a Dream: What Does it Signify?

When it comes to dreams, snakes have both negative and positive interpretations. In general, seeing a snake in a dream can mean: 
  • fear
  • death fear
  • ill-fortune
  • wrecked plans
  • an enemy
  • a sneaky and deceptive person 
  • the fear that your partner is being unfaithful
  • treachery
  • trickery
  • dishonesty
  • serious obstacles 
  • concern about your health
  • guilt
  • trouble
    a snake in the grass

Snakes: positive interpretations 

The good news is that dreams about snakes can also have positive interpretations:
  • cleverness
  • discernment
  • knowledge
  • intuitive wisdom
  • pure and creative energy
  • the potential for transcending a difficult situation
  • physical or emotional healing

Snakes in dreams and intimate relationships

As for intimate relationships, dreams about snakes can mean the following
  • sexual temptation
  • the fear of temptation
  • sexual desire
  • sexual guilt
  • trying to deal with and accept your sexuality
The appearance of a snake in a dream usually matters much less than the actions of the snake, the personality and actions of the characters in the dream, and how the snake appears in your dream.

If, however, you admire snakes, your dream is improbable to have been alarming.

a warning sign about snakes in the forest

Killing a Snake

Killing a snake in a dream means that you will prevent your enemies from damaging you and enjoy defeating them.

If you fight with snakes and kill them, this denotes that you will overcome your problems.

Being unable to kill a snake indicates unfortunate events.

Snakes Biting You

If a snake bites you in a dream, it can mean:
  • envy
  • dishonesty
  • trickery
  • succumbing to bad influences
  • enemies that will hurt your business
A snake ready to strike symbolizes treachery from one you least expect.

blue snake skin

A Poisonous Snake 

A poisonous snake in a dream symbolizes:
  • a deceptive woman
  • dangers in matters of the heart
  • swift retaliations or attacks

Walking over Snakes 

Walking on snakes in a dream means:
  • you will live in constant fear of illness
  • egoists will try to replace you in your partner's life

Seeing Several Snakes 

Seeing several snakes in a dream indicates that jealous people would like to ruin you.

A pit of snakes or piles of snakes lying on the floor around you may symbolize the many worries that are threatening you or the toxic words and insinuations of people around you.

a snake in the dessert

A Snake Shedding its Skin

Seeing a snake shedding its skin means getting rid of guilt and illness. It can also symbolize your desire to cast off the past.

A Coiled Snake 

A coiled snake in a dream denotes that you will escape from danger.

If a snake coils itself around you and sticks its tongue out at you, this symbolizes that you will be powerless in the hands of enemies and illness awaits you.

A snake entangled around the body or limb indicates entrapment, perhaps being enslaved to the passions.

Seeing snakes wriggling and falling over others indicates struggles with fortune and remorse.

a blue snake on a tree

A Gigantic Snake 

A gigantic snake in a dream means that the dreamer might be making a bigger deal out of the situation than it was.

Little Snakes 

Seeing little snakes means that someone can secretly defame you and destroy your growing prospects.

Hypnotizing a Snake

For a woman to hypnotize a snake in a dream indicates that someone will assail her rights, but the law and influential friends will protect her.

A snake-charmer luring a cobra from its basket may indicate a danger of being taken in by promises or flattery. 

poisonous snake on a black background

Other Cases

  • Seeing snakes in a cage at a zoo means that your friends are not grateful.
  • A snake with two heads can mean seduction.
  • To see children playing with snakes indicates that it will be difficult for you to distinguish your friends from enemies.
  • Seeing a snake biting its tail can mean wholeness and self-realization.
  • If you dream of a pet snake, this can denote enlightenment and healing.

Different Types of Snakes 

  • A cobra illustrates a threatened or dismayed individual.
  • An adder denotes suffering in love: your partner will prove unfaithful and dishonest and may discredit you.
  • A viper symbolizes vindictiveness.


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