Dreams about a Spider Web: The Meaning | Cobweb

a beautiful spider web
What is the meaning of seeing a spider web (cobweb) in a dream? Is it a good or a bad sign? 

In this article, we will talk about what dreams about a spider web mean. We base our analysis on numerous dream encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Spider Web in a Dream 

Dreaming of a spider web can symbolize:
  • enjoyable relationships
  • profitable experiences
  • the fear of commitment 
  • insecurity about intimate relationships
  • feeling trapped
  • a web of lies
  • someone close to you may be using you
However, if there is no spider in the web, it predicts happy events and tranquility.

Seeing a spider web in a dusty house indicates that you will have to deal with your past. 

A Spider Spinning a Web 

a yellow purple spider web
If you see a spider spinning a web in a dream, it denotes:
  • happiness and security in your family 
  • financial improvement
  • creativity
  • perseverance
  • being criticized and slandered
Walking into a spider’s web in a dream denotes that your current financial projects will be successful.

Being trapped in a web

If you become trapped in a spider web (cobweb) in a dream, you may be feeling trapped in a relationship or feeling caught in a sticky situation. Such dreams can warn you about a "web of lies".

A spider eating victims 

a spider web and a tree
Seeing a spider trapping innocent victims in its webs and eating them can mean that your mother tortures you with her possessiveness and makes you feel guilty.

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