What Do Dreams about Spiders Mean?

a spider on a pink background
Seeing a spider in a dream can be quite uncomfortable and stressful. But are such dreams a bad sign?

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of dreams about spiders. For our analysis, we use numerous dream encyclopedias and dictionaries.
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Dreams about Spiders: What Do They Mean?

Dreaming of spiders can have both negative and positive meanings. 

First, let's see the positive interpretations of such dreams:
  • much happiness
  • good luck
  • good news, particularly about money
  • success through perseverance and hard work
  • proposal of marriage
  • protection
  • carefulness and energy in your works
  • the capacity for creating something new
  • being an aesthetic or artistic person

Dreams about spiders also have a number of negative interpretations:
  • four spiders on an orange background
  • fear
  • the fear of the unknown
  • the fear of being manipulated by others
  • feeling trapped (in a relationship, etc.)
  • rivalry for power
  • an intrigue planned against you
  • feeling yourself an outsider in some situation
  • your desire to trap someone or something
  • widowhood or death (according to Kevin J. Todeschi)

Spiders and your mother?

Dreams about spiders can reflect your relationship with your mother. Such dreams can symbolize:
    • a domineering female, usually a mother
    • the fear of your mother (particularly in a man's dreams)
    • conflicts with the mother (in a woman's dream)

    A spider biting you

    a spider on a white background
    If a spider bites you in a dream, it can mean:
    • infidelity
    • enemies in your business or social life
    • feeling trapped, perhaps in a relationship

    Killing a spider

    Killing a spider in a dream can symbolize:
    • quarrels with your partner
    • pleasure

    Many Spiders

    • Seeing several spiders in a dream foretells domestic quarrels.
    • Many spiders hanging in their webs around you foretell good luck, good health, and friends.

    A large spider

    • A large spider in a dream can symbolize a dominating woman in your life.  
    • Dreaming of a large spider attacking you signifies that you will get rich quickly if you avoid dangerous contacts.
    • Running from a large spider in a dream means losing money by disregarding opportunities.

    two spiders on a white background

    Spiders crawling over you

    Spiders crawling over you in a dream predict good luck or receiving money from an unexpected source.

    A spider in your bed

    Dreaming of a spider in your bed symbolizes a lack of self-confidence and fears about being vulnerable.

    A black widow spider

    Seeing a black widow spider can signify:
    • a dangerous person or relationship 
    • fear or uncertainty in a relationship
    • feminine power and domination

    A recluse spider

    a spider and a pumpkin
    Seeing a recluse spider in a dream indicates hidden dangers in your life. 

    Eating spiders

    Eating spiders in a dream indicates that you are a very voluptuous person.

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