Dreams about Snakes Chasing You: What Do They Mean?

blue snake
What does it mean to be chased
by a snake in a dream?
Have you recently had dreams about snakes chasing you and want to know what it portends?

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of being chased by a snake in a dream.
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Dreams about Snakes Chasing You

In general, dreams about snakes chasing you could mean:
  • you should not blindly trust your instincts
  • you are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself
  • you will take on challenges that are harder than what you are used to
Let's take a closer look at some other situations.

A Snake Chasing You at Night 

Seeing a snake chasing you at night could symbolize that you will be rethinking the breakup.

A Snake Chasing You in Your House 

If you dream of a snake chasing you in your house, you’ll take the lead on a project, but some coworkers may find your approach a bit alienating.

green snake

A Snake Chasing You on the Street 

Seeing a snake chasing you on the street in your dream signifies that it is time to return the favor to the person who helped you.

A Snake Chasing You in the Water 

Dreaming of a snake chasing you in the water could symbolize that one of your friends will behave dishonestly.

A Snake Chasing You in the Desert 

A snake chasing you in the desert in a dream foretells a chance encounter with a school friend.

green snake

A Snake Chasing You in the Forest 

Dreaming of a snake chasing you in the forest denotes that some officemates will try to exclude you from a team project.

A Snake Chasing You in a Church 

If a snake is chasing you in a church in your dream, this denotes that you should open up to new possibilities.

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