What Does it Mean to Be Chased in a Dream?

a man being pursued
Most of us at least once had a dream in which someone was chasing us. Usually, such dreams are distressing and exhausting. 

In this article, you can find out what it means to be chased in a dream. For our analysis, we use numerous dream encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Being Pursued in a Dream

In general, dreaming about being chased is not a good sign. Such nightmares may signify:
  • anxiety 
  • a lack of confidence, inferiority
  • feeling guilty about something and the fear of being punished
  • an internal struggle
  • avoiding a situation instead of confronting it
  • self-destructive actions
  • inability to achieve your goals
  • worries about your responsibilities
  • three people being chased
  • losses
  • fear

Keep in mind that such nightmares occur most frequently after a traumatic incident or stressful situation. So, running from danger in a nightmare can also reflect the simple fear of being physically attacked in real life.  

What If You are Unable to Run Away?

If you are not being able to run away from somebody, it can symbolize:
  • fear 
  • an inability to do something
  • ambitions that are hard to accomplish  
  • working hard to withstand some temptation

a man being chased
Waking up before Being Caught

If you wake up before being caught, it means that you are probably avoiding something that you should confront if you want things to get better. 

Being Rescued 

Being rescued from danger in a dream can denote that you need to release your creative powers or other aspects that you don't develop.

If you shelter from someone, it can mean that you are constantly concerned about what people say about you behind your back.

Being Chased by an Animal 

If you are being chased by an animal, the animal can symbolize some repressed emotions that you need to sort out and work on.

For example, being chased by a wolf denotes anxiety and worries.

Being Chased by a Monster 

a man being pursued
If a monster is attacking or chasing you, it can indicate disagreements with someone and discouragement because of a failure.

Being Arrested

Being arrested in a dream symbolizes rash decisions.

A Woman Being Chased by Men 

According to Eric Ackroyd, a woman who dreams of being chased by men is probably afraid of intimacy. 

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