What Do Dreams about Teeth Falling Out Mean?

two teeth on green background
Dreams about the loss of one or more teeth are quite common. But is it a good or bad sign? What do such dreams mean? 

In this article, we will talk about the interpretation of dreams about teeth falling out from different dream books and dictionaries.

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Teeth Falling out?

Dreams about losing teeth are among the most common. Generally, such dreams symbolize:
  • fears
  • three teeth in the gum
    the fear of getting old 
  • the fear of losing sexual attractiveness
  • the fear of becoming helpless
  • sadness, sorrow
  • the death of a relative 
  • sickness
  • losing something irreplaceable
  • bad luck for someone close to you
  • the breakup of relationships
  • gossiping, speaking without thinking
  • excessive pride
  • refusal to face reality
  • the ending of one phase in life and the beginning of another (moving house, moving away)

In general, dreaming about teeth falling out denotes feelings of insecurity. Such dreams often take place at transition times in a person’s life. 

However, if you feel relief after losing your teeth, then your problem is finally solved.

Losing Teeth in a Dream?
a big white tooth

If one tooth falls out in a dream, bad news may await you.

If two teeth drop out, it means that some uncontrollable circumstances will cause unhappiness. 

If three teeth fall out, it presages a serious accident or sickness.

Losing your front teeth can symbolize the sickness of children.

Seeing all the teeth drop out in a dream indicates that death and famine usually will prevail.

Losing Milk Teeth

Seeing the loss of milk teeth in a dream can be a symbol of the transition to a new stage in our life.

Losing Teeth in a Fight 

Losing teeth in a fight can mean the loss of a relative.

four teeth and a toothbrush

Spitting out Teeth

To dream of spitting out teeth denotes sickness or sickness in your immediate family.

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