What Do Dreams about Death Mean? Seeing someone dying

a man thinking about death
Unfortunately, dreams about death and dying are very common. They can be very frightening and stressful, but rarely predict death. 

In this article, we will discuss what dreaming of death means.

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Dreams about Death: What Do They Symbolize?

In general, dreaming of death and dying could mean:

  • exciting changes in life
  • a new beginning 
  • an unexpected inheritance
  • good luck
  • the end of a situation, an experience, a project, a love affair (retirement, losing a job, moving house, etc.)
  • a change within your personality
  • news of a birth
  • a challenge that must be confronted
  • anger, frustration, and resentment against life in general
  • sickness 

A Lover Dying in A Dream

Seeing your lover dying in a dream may signify:

  • feeling lonely in waking life
  • a lack of understanding between you and your partner 
  • unconscious resentment towards your lover

A Parent Dying in a Dream

a sad man
Dreaming of the death of your parents could mean that you feel guilty about your desire for independence or unconscious resentment towards them. 

Seeing your father being dead in a dream predicts a catastrophe.

Seeing your mother dying denotes danger to you and your property. Such dreams could also mean that you need to be more caring and maternal. They can also symbolize a positive or negative change in your relationship with your mother. 

A Brother Dying in A Dream

Seeing your brother dying in a dream could predict the defeat of your rivals. 

A Relative Dying in a Dream

Seeing your relatives dying in a dream could mean that you will receive a significant inheritance. This can also indicate that your relationship with the person will be different.

Seeing your father-in-law being dead in a dream indicates that someone will threaten you.

Your sister-in-law being dead in a dream symbolizes enjoyment.

A Friend Dying in A Dream 

a sad woman thinking about death
If a friend is dying in your dream, it could denote that:

  • your friendship comes to an end
  • your friend is going through a period of huge change (getting married, etc.)

The death of a loved one in an accident

To dream that a loved one dies in an accident could mean that something inside you is ‘dead’. It can also symbolize that you need to end this relationship.

The Death of Several People 

Dreaming of the death of several people symbolizes great happiness.

An Unknown Person Dead

Seeing an unknown person dead in a dream can foretell inheritance and prosperity.

The death of an actor/actress

a sad woman after someone's death
If an actor or actress dies in your dream, this may mean that one of the roles that you played in life has lost its relevance.

A Burial 

Attending a burial in a dream signifies that you need to accept the loss of something valuable.

Attending the funeral of someone close to you symbolizes a profitable connection or a new opportunity.

Corpse, Dead Body 

Seeing a corpse in a dream could represent:

  • the need to be careful with deals or serious relationships
  • something that needs to be buried or hidden
  • something that has come to an end 
  • ideas that are no longer useful 
  • a mistake


a woman after the death of a loved one
Dreaming about a hearse taking a dead person to the grave can symbolize:

  • happiness
  • change
  • the end of one stage of your life and the beginning of another
  • problems with your health 
  • a problem with your car 


Seeing yourself in mourning in a dream denotes that you will pass through difficulties and begin a new stage. 

Seeing the Figure of Death 

Seeing the apparition of Death itself denotes happiness in love and a happy marriage. 

Other cases 

  • The death of a colleague in a dream can mean unhappiness.
  • The death of a young girl or boy predicts a significant and joyful family event.
  • Seeing a dead person holding you in a dream can mean death. 


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