What Do Dreams about Teeth Mean?

a white tooth on yellow background
Dreaming of teeth is very common. For most people, such dreams are unpleasant. But are they a bad sign? 

In this article, we will talk about the interpretation of dreams about teeth. We base our analysis on many different dream books (see the list at the end of the article).

Seeing Teeth in a Dream

Teeth are normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. They can symbolize:
  • illness 
  • enemies
  • disputes
  • an unpleasant contact with people
  • new acquaintances that will disappoint you 
  • self-consciousness about your appearance
  • aggression
  • aggressiveness
  • verbal sadism
  • aggressive sexuality

However, if you presently are having trouble with your teeth in real life, such dreams simply reflect your concern about the health of your teeth.

Imperfect, Decayed Teeth

two teeth on a green background
Imperfect, decayed, snaggled teeth in a dream can indicate:
  • failure
  • difficulties
  • intense pressure on your business or health  
  • the loss of estates
  • bad health
  • depression
  • gossip
  • slander
  • false accusations
  • regretting something you have said

Infected teeth suggest that you must give much explanation to other people.

Black teeth can mean the sickness of a relative.

Dirty teeth symbolize prosperity.

Tartar on the teeth indicates misspoken words or lies.

perfect teeth
Having Perfect Teeth in a Dream 

Seeing perfectly straight white teeth in a dream represents:
  • pleasant occupations 
  • much happiness
  • good news 
  • strong friendships
  • a wish that will be realized

Brushing Teeth

Brushing your teeth in a dream can mean:
  • you should be more careful about how you speak to people
  • hurtful or thoughtless words
  • misery
  • experiencing a hard struggle
  • struggling to preserve your fortune
  • anxiety about getting older

Seeing clean teeth or teeth that glisten signifies strong friendships or financial security.

Having Your Teeth Pulled 
teeth and toothbrush

Having your teeth pulled can indicate:
  • financial losses
  • a lingering illness
  • something that you cannot or are not supposed to have

Having Toothache 

Having toothache in a dream signifies:
  • unhappiness
  • dissatisfaction with something
  • being lovesick
Of course, such dreams can mean that you need to visit your dentist.

Filling a Tooth  

a white tooth
The filling of a tooth in a dream can denote:
  • pleasures to come
  • recovering lost valuables
  • the desire to become a parent 
  • pregnancy
  • an unpleasant situation

The Extraction of a Tooth 

The extraction of a tooth symbolizes:
  • death
  • loss 
  • temporary health deterioration
  • the fear of death
  • the fear of aging 

If a friend is having a tooth extracted in your dream, it may mean an unconscious death wish or death fear with respect to that person.

Missing Teeth

three teeth
If some of your teeth are missing, then some difficulties will be experienced in relation to someone close to you.

Being Toothless 

If you are toothless or see someone without teeth in a dream, this suggests the loss of effectiveness or feelings about aging. However, a toothache or a recent visit to the dentist may have triggered the dream.


Having Teeth Knocked 

Having teeth knocked out means:
  • a sudden misfortune
  • business problems 
  • the death of a loved one
  • an accident
  • bad luck 

False Teeth 

two teeth smiling

Dreams about false teeth (dentures) can symbolize:
  • major crises
  • emotional instability
  • unhappiness in love
  • false words
  • saying something one doesn't really believe
  • insincerity
  • the start of a new phase in your life
  • new, enlightening perspectives

Big Teeth

Having big teeth means that you will be very short of money.

If a tooth appears so large that it prevents you from eating or speaking, this symbolizes an argument in your family or bad luck in your personal and working life.

Milk Teeth 

Seeing a milk tooth (baby tooth, primary tooth) in a dream symbolizes:
  • first experiences and beginning lessons in life
  • immature words 
  • the need to become more mature.

Molar and Wisdom Teeth 

white teeth and red lips
Seeing a molar tooth represents an ability to process ideas. Recall the condition of the molar for further clarification of this intended meaning.

A wisdom tooth in a dream is associated with common sense.

Gold Teeth 

A gold tooth indicates coming financial benefits.

Having Gum Disease

Having gum disease (gingivitis) in a dream could infer:
  • a tendency to gossip 
  • half-truths/exaggerations

Loose Teeth

white tooth and a blue arrow
If you dream that your teeth are loose, it can indicate:
  • failure 
  • business failure
  • sad tidings

If the teeth become loose but stay in your mouth choking you, this could mean that you are holding something back or keeping your feelings to yourself.

Clenching or Grinding Teeth 

Clenching or grinding teeth in a dream can indicate:
  • controlled anger
  • efforts to control frustration, anger, impatience
  • stress

Spitting out Teeth

To dream of spitting out teeth symbolizes personal sickness or sickness in your immediate family.

Crumbling Teeth

The crumbling teeth can symbolize the loss of sexual potency.

Growing Teeth 

many white teeth on blue background
The growing teeth can represent anger.

Wearing Braces 

Wearing braces in a dream may indicate that you need to restrain your words.

Gaps Between Teeth 

To dream of someone with gaps between their teeth can symbolize prosperity.

Something Stuck in Your Teeth  

If something is stuck in your teeth, it means that you may easily resolve a serious problem.

Seeing a Dentist in a Dream

a big white tooth
To dream of a dentist working on your teeth, denotes that you will have occasion to doubt the sincerity and honor of some person with whom you have dealings.

To see a dentist at work on a young woman’s teeth, denotes that you will soon be shocked by a scandal in circles near you.


To dream of toothpicks symbolizes small anxieties and spites.

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