A Snake Attacking You in a Dream: What Does It Mean?

an orange snake on a tree
Dreaming of snakes attacking you is not the most pleasant experience in the world. But what does such a strange dream foretell?

In this article, you will find out the meaning of a snake attacking you in a dream. 

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Seeing a Snake Attacking You in a Dream 

In general, dreaming of snakes attacking you could have the following definitions: 
  • Temporary delays and frustration.
  • False accusations and oppression.
  • A lack of appreciation.
A dream about a snake attacking you can have many different definitions depending on the context. Let's take a closer look at some situations.

A Snake Attacking You in the Water 

Dreams of snakes attacking you in the water mean that you will experience financial problems and arguments about money in your family.

a snake attacking someone on the floor

A Snake Attacking You in your House  

Seeing a snake attacking you in your house symbolizes a lack of communication in your family.

A Snake Attacking You in your Garden 

If you see a snake attacking you in your garden, your friend will create some problems for you.

A Snake Attacking You in the Forest

Dreaming of a snake attacking you in the forest indicates that you need to stop being jealous.

a snake in the desert
A snake in the desert

A Snake Attacking You in the Desert

Seeing a snake attacking you in the desert signifies that you will have to accept the things you can't change.

A Snake Attacking You in a Church

Dreaming of a snake attacking you in a church could symbolize that something will destroy your expectations.

A Snake Attacking You in a Cemetery

A snake attacking you in a cemetery denotes that you will return to a hobby you abandoned years ago.

A Snake Attacking You in the Dark

If a snake is attacking you in the dark, this means that you will triumph over your enemies. 

a green snake in the forest

A Giant Snake Attacking You

A giant snake attacking you in a dream indicates that you will have unrealistic expectations in your relationship. 

Several Snakes Attacking You

Seeing several snakes attacking you in a dream could predict that you will have to visit a friend who needs support.

A Snake Attacking Your Child

Dreaming of a snake attacking your child means that you should make time to show love and affection to your family. 

A Snake Attacking Your Mother

If a snake is attacking your mother in a dream, this could symbolize that your parents expect too much from you. 


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